Video spokesperson for corporate videos

Check out some of the different types of corporate video options we offer

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Corporate Business Video

The ideal way to promote your business, service or product to your clients and the wider marketplace.

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News Anchor Video

Promote your business with a breaking news broadcast. Or get a dedicated news room unique to your business.

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Chinese Translation Video

Get your business reaching the huge marketplace that is mainland China with a Mandarin-speaking video.

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Press Conference Video

A catchy way to promote your business. Ideal for use on social media and to promote yourself to your clients.

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Press Release Video

Give power to your press release with a dedicated press release video to boost your rankings on major search engines.

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Why use a website video spokesperson?

The use of a website video spokesperson is growing in popularity all the time. Offering great benefits website video spokespeople are used by small and large businesses, organizations and individuals the world over, to harness the power of online video.

Just look at the power of online video viewing. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine in the world after Google, more than 100 million people watch video online each day and one third of all online activity involves video viewing. Website pages with a video are 50 percent more likely to get Google page 1 rankings.

Consider the power of video for businesses. Seventy five percent of viewers click through to the business’s website after viewing their video, 80 percent of online users watch a website’s video, while only 20 percent actually read a website’s content and more than a quarter of watchers look for further information after watching a business video.

A website video is suitable for virtually any business in any industry, from real estate to online retailers. Consider these statistics:

  • real estate listings with a video receive more than 400 percent more inquiries than a listing without a video
  • 12 percent of viewers go on to purchase the product they saw featured in a video
  • 90 percent of viewers agree that seeing a video on a product helps in their buying decision
  • include a video in your client email and the click through rate increases between two and three times and increases subscriber to conversion rates by 50 percent
  • company introductory email with a video have an increased click-through rate of 96 percent

So how do you harness the power of online video for your business? Use a professional and effective website video spokesperson from News Worthy Video.

News Worthy Video can produce an effective business videos for your business. Using unique video ideas, their business videos cost a fraction of what most video production companies charge.

But it takes more than the boring video spokesperson standing in front of the camera to grab a viewer’s attention. Consider fun ideas to get your message across, grabbing viewer attention. News Worthy Video has produced videos for a wide range of businesses all over the world, from news websites in Africa to motivational speakers in the U.S.

A website video spokesperson offers an approachable and warm welcome for those visiting your website. It provides an effective way to get your message across, giving you authority and credibility, and it helps with organic search engine optimization, getting you ranked high on page 1 of Google.

The keys to a good video using a website video spokesperson is to use someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and has a confident and authoritative sounding voice. Ideally, a business video should be no more than around 30 seconds long, with a punchy script that gets straight to the point. A business video allows viewers to interact and engage with the video and the business, something not possible with traditional media outlets.

Any business not using video to promote their service or product, keep their customers informed and updated and provide visitors to their website with useful information is missing out on harnessing the power of what website video marketing offers.