Press Release Writing and Syndication

Let us write you a killer press release and syndicate it to over 100 top news media sites, including Google News, Boston Globe, International Business Times and the Daily Herald. A press release written and syndicated by News Worthy Video will get your press release to the top of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and YouTube.

Choose from our 3 Press Release Options

Written and Syndicated


Written and Syndicated

Let us write write you a powerful and effective press release of 450 to 850 words. With our written press release and syndication, you’ll get at least 500 views in the first week alone and you’ll get page 1 rankings on major search engines.

Syndication Only


Syndication Only

If you want to write your own press release, but need it syndicated effectively and powerfully to over 100 top media outlets, then let us help.

Add a Press Release Video


Add a Press Release Video

Want maximum SEO results from your press release? Then combine it with a dedicated press release video. Attached to your written press release, it will greatly improve your search rankings and drive traffic and attention to your release.

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Price Structure

$590 gets you a professionally written press release and syndication.

  • your press release published to Google News and Bing News
  • your press release promoted to strategically selected journalists and news bloggers from a database of more than 50,000 members across the United States and your chosen country
  • your press release published to more than 100 major U.S. news media sites
  • your press release written for you by an experienced journalist (450 to 850 words)
  • your press release written to attract mainstream media attention
  • your press release gaining valuable search engine optimization

$290 gets you syndication of your press release

  • your press release published to Google News and Bing News
  • your press release published to more than 100 major U.S. news media sites
  • your press release gaining valuable search engine optimization

$300 for optional video upgrade

  • a professional high definition news video of your press release
  • this video published on our popular NWV news channel and embedded into your press release
  • giving your press release far greater SEO power to rank you higher on major search engines

Just some of our distribution points:

Yahoo Finance, Google News, Bing News, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Boston Globe, International Business Times, Star Tribune, Daily Herald, Miami Herald, Mercury, The Sun, Kansas City News, Star Telegram, Investing Daily, The News & Observer,, Street, Market Pulse, The Olympian, News OK, The Daily Breeze, The Sacramento Bee, The Press Enterprise, Press Telegram, Deal Breaker, Herald Leader, Daily News, The Wichita Eagle, Sun, Pasadena Star News, Daily Record, MPR News, Min Yanville, El Paso Times, El Nuevo Herald, Contra Costa Times…

Want your Press Release to be Seen on the Internet?

A video press release is the answer!

Do you have a business or cause that needs to get a message across locally, nationally or internationally? Then we have the answer for you – an NWV PRESS RELEASE.

Most individuals, businesses and organizations struggle to get their message across because they get drowned out by the thousands of others also competing for the attention of their potential audiences.

We can help you get noticed in a significant way by getting your message past this noise. We do this in 2 ways:

  1. We promote you by PRESS RELEASE to hundreds of media outlets
  2. We use an Internet-friendly press release to maximize SEO potential, making you visible on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and YouTube
  3. We can provide yo with your own news video to accompany your written press release


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